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ZaZaChat Special Member Pricing

Welcome members of California Chamber!

ZaZaChat is providing a 30% Discount for CA Chamber of Commerce Members.
ZaZa is used by thousands of businesses to do the following:
Increase Sales When customers are on your website, they are likely researching your services. Be there for them, open up the 'chat line' and close deals. Do it today.
Lower Costs Every inquiry, either chat or email can be added to the public facing knowledgebase. This helps people help themselves. It lowers your cost of service and increases your sales. Seriously, wow.
Improve Customer Loyalty Is customer service dead? We don't think so. Take action today to improve your customer service, easily add ZaZaChat and get an instant bump in customer service which transforms into loyalty and word of mouth.
These benefits are what make a business successful.
These goals are shared by you, ZaZa and California Chamber.
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You receive the following:
  1. 30 Days Free Trial
  2. Free Installation
  3. Best Practices Whitepaper
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